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 Favorite Episode

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PostSubject: Favorite Episode   Favorite Episode Icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2012 8:14 am

Favorite Episode

We all have our favorite ASJ episodes, but I don't think we've ever actually discussed them. So, what are your fave episodes, and why?



Oh Boy, Remuda! Favorite episodes? Out of the Fab Fifty, how many can I pick? Forty-nine? Dang! I can tell ya now, this ain't gonna be easy. I fear my "Curryette-ness" may be evidenced by my choice list, but I'm hopin' that here, amongst friends, y'all will understand.

Here's a few of my favorites, in no particular order, and Grace reserves the right to change her mind at the drop of a (cowboy) hat.

McCreedy Bust Going, Going, Gone - This episode has got it all. Great "partners" moments - the scene where Heyes removes Curry's gun from its holster and the "stand-off" in the hotel room, a ticked-off Curry, FANTASTIC casting of guest-stars including Rev. Spencer and other that six-million-dollar-fella whom I really dislike! (So I figure he must've done a good job, right?) Not to be forgotten is, one of the finest sermons Sister Grace has every heard preached, by none other than the Philosopher, Kid Curry. Oh! And the mention of "coyotes in the lobby!"

Smiler with a Gun - I like this angry, edgy side of both boys very, very much! Curry with a mustache is an added bonus 'cause it makes him look dangerous.

Posse That Wouldn't Quit - Can you say, Mary Sue? More mustache, nice swagger and an impressive demonstration of skill and finesse, with a Colt and with teenaged gals. Sheesh, eye-roll, I liked "Simple Gifts" too!

Dreadful Sorry Clementine - Sally Field. Need I say more? Like Cinderella, she PERFECTLY fits the pair of women's boots in this parody of the real, Etta Place. One of the finest moments of her career to my thinking, despite Oscars for her other "less significant" contributions, like Norma Rae and Places in the Heart. (Kidding! Congrats, Sally!)

Journey from San Juan - Please! Let me watch Heyes con that murderin' wretch of a woman, Blanche Graham, just one more time! An artiste for sure, both Heyes and Pete! While I'm at it... Please! Let me talk to that wretch of a woman, Michelle Monet, for just one minute - alone!

The Clementine Ingredient - Another appearance by Sally makes this episode UNFORGETTABLE, not to mention, I'd be happy to take her place as Mrs. Jones, just for one night... Maybe two.

Three to a Bed - Sadly, this episode marked the end of my favorite series in television history. Yet, at the same time, it marked the beginnings of its immortalization in fanfic, forever! It happens to be the episode I've seen most often, because about 30 years ago, I was able to tape ONE episode off television and until Encore Westerns brought the series back in reruns, a few years ago, it was the ONLY episode I could access, to re-watch, over, and over, and over, and over...



What an interesting question. I ran through the various stories and came up with my top 10 -- in no particular order.

The three McCreedy stories (bust; going, going, gone; and feud) -- mostly I like these because I really enjoy the boys interactions with both Big Mac and Armendariz. I agree with Sistergrace that Going, Going, gone is the best of the three for the reasons stated.

Exit from Wickenburg -- I think this one actually highlights their outlaw nature in many ways, they are much rougher in this episode than in many others. I also like the Kid's acknowledgement of the fact of life for a gunman that his life will probably be short and there's always someone better out there.

Stagecoach Seven -- I like the contained story, mostly told in one setting, and how much the various players evolve over the course of the seige. I also enjoy watching Heyes use the various emotions to try to weave their way out of the situation.

Jailbreak at Junction City -- one of my favorites. It really seems the turning point in cementing their commitment to amnesty. There are so many opportunities for them to turn back and it seems certain that they are heading for serious jail time, yet they stick it out. I also really enjoy the Judge Hanley and this Brubaker character.

Night of the Red Dog -- again most of the action takes place in one room. The interplay between the various characters is great and I enjoy seeing the Kid getting to shine in something other than his gunplay by being the one to win the pot.

Reformation of Harry Briscoe -- this is really because I love the character of Harry and he is central to this story. It highlights his lack of honesty but when it comes down to it, he doesn't want to see the boys killed and he doesn't turn them in.

High Lonesome Country -- I think this one is the best of the Roger Davis episodes. The two seemed to mesh better in this episode than many of them. Also their inate ruthlessness shows itself, both in dealing with the trapper and in their dealings with the couple that evening. The scene where the two are taking turns running out to see where the shooter is hiding is compelling, as is the earlier scene when they split up to try to make it back to camp without being shot -- their parting is quite good.

The Biggest Game in the West -- I realize that this will be a very controversial choice. But really the story was very good and the acting was excellent, especially considering -- also I always like seeing Kyle and it includes both a con and a safecracking. I have to admit that there is also a morbid fascination with the back story to the filming of this episode and it is truly disturbing to watch the scene that alternates between shots of Roger Davis' face and the back of Pete's head.



Inspired by Riders, I'm going to try the top ten approach. If you ask this same question next month some of the episodes will probably be different. Though the list is not in order, the first three will most likely always be among my favorites.

1. "Smiler with a Gun" - I like the harder edge shown in both Heyes and Curry in this episode. I LOVE the rugged look they both have in the opening. In fact, many of my favorite pictures of Heyes come from the opening scenes. I enjoy the interactions between Curry and Heyes all through this story, and appreciate how we are left with questions about Curry's motivations regarding Bilson.

2. "The Bounty Hunter" - Joe Sims and Lou Gossett Jr's portrayal of him, the banter all through the episode, the seriousness of the underlying story all combine to make this one of my all time favorites.

3. "21 Days to Tenstrike" - I love the conversations and jokes between Curry and Heyes in this episode. My favorite exchange: Heyes - "Ya' know, Kid, that ain't funny. Your sense of humor is really getting warped." Kid - "Whatever happened to yours?" I also enjoy the mystery in the plot. Walter Brennan's character in this episodes is very interesting and fun.

4. "The McCreedy Bust"- I love the scenes in McCreedy's card room, and the tricks Heyes and McCreedy play on one another. Of course we have a safe cracking scene, always a sure fire way to grab my attention. I also love the ethical quandary HH and KC are faced with when they open the safe and find all of that money and jewelry. The understated moral at the end where Armenderez lets them go because they did not take the money or jewelry is icing on the cake.

5. "Exit from Wickenberg" - The dangerous outlaw nature feels close to the surface in this one. I like stories where they are mostly just themselves rather than donning a persona to keep from getting caught, and I think they are very genuinely themselves in this episode.

6. "Stagecoach Seven" - I'm a sucker for a good character study, and this one is well done. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I could watch the scene where Heyes goes for the gun, and then swipes his hair away from his face with a cocky grin over and over again for a very long time. (Sigh...Oh yeah, where was I...moving right along)

7. "The Day They Hanged Kid Curry" - Banter, Kyle and Wheat, a great plot complete with a Hannibal Heyes plan (Heyes - "It's gonna require finesse." Kyle - "Wheat didn't bring any of that.") And it's 90 minutes long. What's not to like?

8. "The Posse that Wouldn't Quit " - For many of the reasons stated by others, but let me add, Heyes in a Henley. (O.K., I'm shallow and a sucker for eye candy. Shoot me!)

9. And speaking of eye-candy - "The Man Who Murdered Himself" - I love the scene where Heyes is in the sheriff's office with Andy Devine as the Sheriff. I like the plot and the mystery, but if I'm honest, part of the appeal of this one is that Pete as Heyes looks so darn good in this episode.

10. "Jailbreak at Junction City" - Judge Hanley, the conversation with Brubaker, getting outed as Heyes and Curry after playing deputy and bringing in the bank robbers, and the interplay with Clitterhouse are my reasons for favoring this episode.



Here are some of the ones I keep going back to watch:

Pilot - There are a lot of moments in here that I see when I write: Heyes as leader, Kid threatening with a look or a word, Heyes talking Kid out of a fight, Kid being talked out of a fight, Wheat and Kyle, Lom. When I'm stuck writing I've put deputy Harker Wilkins into the story just to see where it will take me; he's always been edited out, but it has helped me over come some moments of writers block.

Great Shell Game - I like the way this episode is written, how the story lines are woven together.

Shoot Out At Diablo Station - I remember discussing this one with my father when it first aired. It is the small moments here, Heyes watching the stockings come off and Kid leaning around to watch, too; the lead bad guy ignoring Kid every time he opens his mouth; Heyes comment about sitting around talking about what is not going to happen; the classic use of the upside down flag (that my father predicted as we watched).

Bounty Hunter - another well written episode where humor plays against the bigotry.

Everything Else You Can Steal - Ann Sothern as Blackjack Jenny. The look she gives at the end just hits me every time I see it.

What's In It For Mia - I am not a fan of Roger Davis, but this is the one post Duel episodes that can I watch (although I can't help wondering what Pete Duel would have done with the role). Buddy Ebsen and Ida Lupino as the guest stars. Very satisfying revenge on Mia Bronson.

And, of course, Smiler With A Gun. There is just so much right about this episode. Danny Bilson is a real villain; he is not just cruel, but slick. I think this is why I have such problems with Roger Davis as Heyes, I always see him as Bilson. I also can't decide if, at the end, Heyes goes to talk Bilson out of challenging Kid or into the challenge; or if he starts with one intention and changes his mind mid-conversation.



What a good question! I’ve enjoyed thinking about this, and enjoyed even more reading about which episodes other people have liked. The common theme for my favorite episodes is snappy dialogue. I’ve always loved good writing, and I still do. Still, this is an incomplete list. I expect I’ll be looking at other people’s responses and thinking to myself, “geez, why didn’t I think of that?”

There’s also a level of me that’s still a young girl, and that’s the part that had a huge crush on Pete Duel. I still haven’t watched the Roger Davis episodes, and I still don’t want to.

I love the interplay between Heyes and Curry, the character development and the arguing. I don’t remember many episodes where they actually yell at each other, but you figure, it must happen between two people who are together so much. The dialogue through the whole show is really clever. And the bit at the auction house with Big Mac and Armendariz? Classic.

I enjoyed this for many reasons. As far as I can remember, it’s one of the few shows where nobody, but nobody, figures out who they really are. The closest anyone comes is when Caroline says “Goodbye Smith and Jones – boy, if that ain’t a tipoff to something.” There are three strong, distinct female characters. Our boys are in jeopardy, but we still get some fun dialog. Terrific episode.

First appearance of Harry Briscoe, who is not comic relief here. This seems to be early in the quest for amnesty. We see Heyes’ scheming skills, and a little bit of his dark side. And Curry shows himself to be loyal and maybe even self-sacrificing. They turn the situation to their advantage, getting a payout of $500 and providing some very interesting descriptions of themselves to the Bannerman men and ride off into the sunset, free and rich.

There are things about this episode that I’m not crazy about, but what I do love is the hilarious dialogue. The first scene between Heyes and Curry on the train, when Curry is trying to sleep; when Heyes is explaining who is in which room in the big house; and the long scene in their hotel room, when Heyes finds the jewels. And then there’s the introduction of Preacher. What a great character!

Some of Pete Duel’s best acting. He really seemed to be developing the character of Hannibal Heyes into a complex, clever man, someone who really deserved the reputation he had.



It's interesting how many episodes we agree on. favorites:

BOUNTY HUNTER I loved Lou Gossett's character, and the juxtaposition between humor and the serious theme of racism. And the scene where Heyes has to hug Kid while getting his hands tied is priceless!

THE POSSE THAT WOULDN'T QUIT Seeing the boys' "sweet" side was really cute. And...not to mention Pete in a Henley. I liked the Heyes plan at the ending and the looks the partners exchange just as they ride off.

21 DAYS TO TENSTRIKE Despite the producers being ridiculous cheap and not letting the actors get near an actual cow !!!! I liked the mystery and how it all resolved.

SMILER WITH A GUN True evil was portrayed very well here. Maybe because Roger Davis was such a convincing bad guy, I could never accept him as Hannibal Heyes. I have never watched those episodes and never will. It hurts too much. I still wonder if Heyes was goading Danny at the end...I'm more of the opinion that he started to but changed his mind. That's why he tried to stop Curry from accepting his challenge.


Ghislaine Emrys

Kinda strange this question has never been posted on this board (at least, in the time I've been a member)! Glad you did, Remuda!

My top five favorite episodes are listed on my blog (I mean, how can I resist the shameless promotion, folks?!) but I'll add my reasons below for why I like them so much:

1) The Man Who Broke the Bank at Red Gap
Because HH and KC's identities are discovered and they're caught/trapped, great dialog that reveals their emotions as they pursue amnesty, scenes that showcase their outlaw skills

2) The Bounty Hunter (tie)
Great plot with a message, great acting, lots of good lines of dialog

2) The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone (tie)
Great plot that reveals HH's and KC's emotions on their road to amnesty, many fun lines of dialog, Bradford Dillman's character

4) Stagecoach Seven
Because when I rediscovered ASJ, this is the episode that got me hooked all over again, because the boys have been caught and I like watching how they try to get out of their predicament, because I love the line about HH's watch being slow, because Pete looks really cute here

5) Exit from Wickenburg
Because their personalities are becoming much more evident here, they're still in outlaw mode, lots of great lines including one of my favorites--about paying $2 for a hotel room and expecting privacy

Rounding out the Top Ten, but not in any particular order:
-- Everything Else You Can Steal
-- The Root of It All
-- The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke
-- Jailbreak at Junction City
-- A Fistful of Diamonds

Third Season Honorable Mentions:
-- The Long Chase
-- High Lonesome Country
-- Bushwhack!
-- Which Way to the O.K. Corral?



This is a tough one, but here goes;

The Great Shell Game; I know Heyes and Curry don't have any scenes together in this episode, but I still loved the interweaving story and how they both fell for Grace. Also, I know Heyes looks good when he's scruffy, but that scene where he's talking to Chuck at gunpoint, he just looks sooo good in his slacks and waist coat!!!

The 5th Victim; Of course. Curry gets to play the hero for once and does a great job of it. It also illustrates a big difference between Peter/Heyes and Roger/Heyes. In this episode after Heyes regains consciouness and is speaking to the Sheriff etc., you know he has had the stuffing kicked out of him. I don't know how Peter did it, but even Kid knows; it's all talk when Heyes says He's ready to go anytime. Yeah, right. When Roger?Heyes was shoot in High Lonesome Country, I just didn't beleive it. It just didn't have the same impact.

The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke; This is an episode that was not a favorite 40 years ago but has become one now. Again, it's fun when one woman falls for both our boys! And Harry is always a hoot. Loved it when when Heyes suggests that he and Kid have a contest to see who would win Alice and she comments that she couldn't bare the thought of either one of them being injured over her, and Heyes' response "Oh neither could I! I was thinking more along the lines of a coin toss!"

Smiler with a Gun; This seems to be a favorite with a lot of us. Roger is great in this episode as the bad guy! And has been mentioned before that that could be one reason why it was hard to accept him as Heyes. But then could anyone have successfully taken over that role? Love the scene where Curry is shaving off his beard but leaves on the moustache, and Heyes' reaction to it. The look Heyes gives the Kid at the end of this scene is subtle but priceless!!

The Posse That Wouldn't Quit; Of course!!! A little sucky in places to my liking, but it shows how much the boys miss having a home life. They know a posse is after them, but they just can't bring themselves to leave. Love the characters of Jesse and Belle, which is probably why I've brought them back in my ' book'.

The Bounty Hunter ; again, another apparent favorite. Great writing and great acting. Got a real kick out of Heyes being so frustrated that he clinches his fists and starts punching the dirt!! And talk about a bluff!! Looking down the barral of a loaded gun held by Kid Curry and convincing him its not loaded!!!

Six Strangers in Apache Springs; This was a fun story. Caroline was a real hoot! Great dialoge between Heyes and Mrs. Fielding. You can tell Heyes does not like her, but he likes and respects her husband so he tries to be amiable. Love how he explains about him and Kid "Loving the west. etc." very beleivable. And let's face it again--I can watch Heyes walking away anytime!!

Miracle at Santa Marta; Again, just a really well writen script and a great story. "My pistol's always been cleaned recently."! Really liked Nico Minardos as the Alcalde and feel that The Clementine Ingredient would have been a lot better with him back in that role.

How To Rob a Bank in One Hard Lesson; This episode really shows the extent that the boys will go to protect one another, even to the extend of Heyes nearly beating Harry to death to get the information he wants. Also, Curry has a reputation for protecting women, but he dosn't hold back being violent towards Lorraine when it comes to his and his partners' saftey. Lorraine really comes across as a dangerous psycopath!

The Long Chase; Just because it was fun. Love the scene in the railcar when Heyes accused Curry of believing he was Kid Curry whenever he got drunk, and Kid's reaction to the laughter of the other occupants of the car.

High Lonesome Country; Give and take on this one. Again, I didn't feel confinced with Roger's interpitation, but the episode did show the boys loyalty to one another and the extent Kid was willing to go to protect his partner. Some of the bickering got too nasty for my confort zone, but as soon as Kid realized that Heyes was bleeding again, all bickering was called off and their affeaction for one another came through again.

The Ten Days That Shook Kid Curry; Again, this episode shows how loyal the fellas are to one another, and to what extent they would be willing to go to protect each other. This time though, Heyes uses manipulating rather than violence to achieve his goal and is remorsefull afterwards, but you still get the impression that he would do it again if needs be.



Favourite episode -

The Bounty Hunter - I think that it's got everything, great acting, a wonderful plot and sparkling dialogue. I Love the way that the shine seems to have come off Heyes' silver tongue and that Lou Gossett Jr's just not buying his stories

Smiler with a Gun - I really enjoyed the edgier, slightly darker version of the boys in this one. (No surprises there then). I have often wondered if Roger's great performance in this made a difficult transition to the role of Heyes even harder.

The Pilot - It brings back wonderful memories of us sitting around the television as a family and my late father laughing at them trying to get the safe open. It's a really enjoyable episode, but I have my own reasons for having a fond place in my heart for it. It reminds me of cosy, lovely times.

The McCreedy Bust - The dialogue is great and it's a great showcase for their skills as outlaws and the temptation to steal is almost tangible.

Wrong Train to Brimstone - It has Harry, hilarious detectives dressed in women's clothes, and we get to see a lot more of their personalities. Heyes comes across as the more ruthless of the two and I loved the descriptions they gave to the Bannerman agents.

The Posse That Wouldn't Quit - I enjoyed seeing the softer, more domestic side of Heyes and Curry. It was almost a reflection of the men they hoped to become. Of course, some HH scheming helps too, but the girls added a lot of unpredictability to keep the story rolling along.

Of course every episode is my favourite when I actually sit down and watch it. It's a moveable feast.

"Do you ever get the feeling that nothing right is ever going to happen to us again?" - Kid Curry
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Episode   Favorite Episode Icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 6:07 am

bump Bumping this thread since we have some many new folks. Besides, some of us "old" folks may have changed our minds.

We all have our favorite ASJ episodes, but I don't think we've ever actually discussed them. So, what are your fave episodes, and why?

"Do you ever get the feeling that nothing right is ever going to happen to us again?" - Kid Curry
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PostSubject: Fav Episodes   Favorite Episode Icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 6:55 am

This is like trying to narrow down your Fav song...almost impossible because like all good things each episode has great parts which will meld with the mood you are currently in.

But, I shall endeavor to try.

I will go for my top 5 and in no particular order of who is number UNO -- just putting them down as they come to me.

The Pilot. -- you get a good dose of the guys here, you learn who, when, where, what, and why about them and the DHG
The Man Who Broke the Bank At Red Gap -- the whole episode shows Heyes & Curry at their best...this is them plotting, planning, achieving...really being the Notorious Geniuses we have been told they are.
Twenty One Days to Tenstrike -- enjoyed being on the trail with them and seeing a touch of what made them Outlaw leaders, here you can see a bit of their harder/darker sides and as always how close their friendship truly is.
The Man Who Murdered Himself -- alright it is because I am a Heyes Girl...and he looks so good in this episode. Besides I do like that Curry gives him his come up hence at the Heyes though I do, I also know he drives his cousin crazy and needs to be placed in check once in a while.
The Day they Hanged Kid Curry -- once more because it shows their partnership but from a more ornery point of view and Heyes's way of looking around the corner of subject to what the future holds.

Wichita Red, "I'm not really a rebel, but I take chances. I have a good time, and I live life the way I want to live it."
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Episode   Favorite Episode Icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 11:49 am

The biggest game in the West
The first time I watched some ASJ was in the early 90's. I think a decade had passed when I saw the show again and it had me confused. I couldn't really place the dark-haired guy. It wasn't until I saw two blonde men sleeping when one found a bag thrown upon him, that I fully recognized and remembered episodes and started to watch the show again and gain interest. I love the moment where Heyes talks Curry into going to the DHG and convince them to return the money.

Something to get hung about
I don't care much for the storyline of the runaway wife but I so love the interaction between Heyes and Curry in this one. And I really like the character of Jim Stokely - a shame he never turned up again.

The long chase
"The only friend we've got in this whole rotten world is Harry Briscoe."
"That's terrible!"

The story has fun, but also a cranky sheriff, Harry Briscoe, excitement, Kid Curry falling of the wagon, plus I like how Heyes and Curry are more equals. In the earlier episodes, Curry seemed to follow Heyes more unquestioningly than he does at this point.

The day they hanged Kid Curry
It contains best Kid Curry in a tub scene of the entire series. That alone is enough for a notable mention in my top 5 Very Happy

The men who broke the bank at Red Gap
I love this episode for pretty much every reason already mentioned. It showcases brilliantly how Heyes and Curry made their names as outlaws.

Episodes that might have ended up in the top 5 just as easily:
Miracle at Santa Marta, Jailbreak at Junction City, McGuffin
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From frances dawson

Absolute favourite episode has got to be 'Night of the Red Dog' because Heyes is so shaken when The Kid collapses. He guesses a split second before it happens that The Kid is going to faint, and he actually runs around the table to gget to him. Then his voice goes up high with anxiety when he tries and fails to bring him round. It's lovely to see Heyes's affection for The Kid so plainly shown. Just thinking about it makes me feel slightly fuzzy round the edges!

Then there is 'Going, going, gone!' where the boys are furious with each other and Heyes is ready to 'flatten' the Kid. Actually raises his fists, although we all know for a fact he's not going to hit him.

Love 'Miracle in Santa Marta' when Heyes feels real despair about rescuing Kid from the murder charge. This when Kid is locked up the cell and Heyes admits he has no clues at all, and he leans his head against the prison bars, completely overcome with fear for his partner and a sense of failure. (What an actor, by the way)! Minutes later, he's solved it and he gazes at the Kid with all his relief and affection in his eyes. (See previous comment about acting!)

As you see, I love Curry/Heyes 'moments'.

I read part of it all the way through. Samuel Goldwyn Favorite Episode 3078474644
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Favorite Episode
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