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 Alice in Wonderland and Little Women

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PostSubject: Alice in Wonderland and Little Women    Alice in Wonderland and Little Women  Icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 7:29 pm

Since not everyone has read Alice in Wonderland or Little Women, and some were wondering about the references in my challenge here is a brief list:

1)Like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, Heyes takes out his pocket watch, and there is a reference to the company being late. In the book the rabbit is late. This is only a device to start the story as the White Rabbit starts the adventure in Alice when she decides to follow him. Heyes is not the White Rabbit. The first clue to which character Heyes represents is the yawn(well, it is his dream and he is tired).
2)Now, Heyes and the Kid are at the Mad Tea Party.
3) Treacle is from Alice in Wonderland, Tea Party Chapter. The sleepy character tells a story about a treacle well.
4)Harry Briscoe is also at the table.
5) The first girl approaches. She is Jo March from Little Women, angular and clumsy. She is a tom-boy in the book, and is referred to as a fellow by Laurie, the boy next door.
6) The second girl is the eldest March sister, Meg. Meg is very pretty, and wishes for pretty clothing. She has memories of being rich before their father lost his money. In the book she allows some friends to dress her up for a dance, and later wishes she had remained in her sensible clothing. Hence, the stout comfortable boots, which she wished she had worn instead of high heels.
7)Jo's arm stretches from one end of the table to the other. Reference to Alice who changes size throughout Alice in Wonderland.
8)Amy is the youngest March girl. She is also pretty with blonde curls, but wishes she had a more aristocratic nose. She actually puts clothspins on it at night in an attempt to reshape it. She is very neat, and tries to be fashionable. She tries attempts to impress her wealthier friends with a luncheon party, and plans to serve lobster. It all goes wrong, and Laurie buys her a coral lobster charm later.
9) During the tea party the company does move along the table to new plates.
10) Beth March is a homebody who mothers old dolls, and has kitties and birds. She is the most unassuming and kindest of the girls.
11)The Kid turns into the March Hare. Crossing the brook is a reference to Through the Looking Glass. When Alice crosses streams and brooks she moves from one chess square to the next in Looking Glass. Then the scene around her changes. Since all the movies mix up the two books, I decided to as well.
12) Marmee is the mother of the March girls. The book begins just before Christmas with the girls wishing they would get presents. They decide to buy presents for their mother instead with what little money they have.
13)Alice picks up a crying baby that turns into a pig. Beth has a pig that turns into the Cheshire Cat. It is believed that Lewis Carroll was inspired by cheese from Cheshire(shaped like cats heads) to create the Chershire Cat.)
14)Harry is the Mad Hatter. The paper in his hat is like the ticket in the Mad Hatter's hat.
15)Heyes now mentions treacle poker. He is the dormouse. Alice in Wonderland deals (pun intented) with cards.
16)Beth mentions her dead bird. It dies when the girls decide to take a week off all work, and she forgets to feed it.
17) The Queen of Hearts is always calling for characters' heads to be cut off. At the end of Alice in Wonderland, Alice grows in size dramatically.
18)At the end of the Tea Party chapter the March Hare and the Mad Hatter are trying to stuff the dormouse into a teapot.

Hopefully I didn't make any goofs as I wrote the challenge from memory and didn't look at either book while writing.

I read part of it all the way through. Samuel Goldwyn Alice in Wonderland and Little Women  3078474644
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PostSubject: Re: Alice in Wonderland and Little Women    Alice in Wonderland and Little Women  Icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 7:46 pm

Beejay, doubly impressed! As stated, I loved the story, but remembering all that detail without having brushed up on the books is really good. Having not read either book literally in years, I can recite the plots, some character traits, and maybe one or two scenes, but anything else with any specificity, nope. No
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PostSubject: details    Alice in Wonderland and Little Women  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 31, 2013 7:01 am

Well done. Well done! Alright knowing a bit of the March Girls now makes it all fall into place. I was blinking and trying to figure them out than a Carroll reference would come up and I was trundling along just fine. It was all in good fun and it was fun.

Wichita Red, "I'm not really a rebel, but I take chances. I have a good time, and I live life the way I want to live it."
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PostSubject: Re: Alice in Wonderland and Little Women    Alice in Wonderland and Little Women  Icon_minitime

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Alice in Wonderland and Little Women
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