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 Sung on a cattle drive

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Sung on a cattle drive Empty
PostSubject: Sung on a cattle drive   Sung on a cattle drive Icon_minitimeSat Nov 25, 2017 1:32 am

In reply to Penski's query about where I first heard the song that Kid sings in my story challenge -

It was played and sung several times on a children's TV programme about cowboys.  I was also very surprised to hear it played, (just played, no words), as part of the background music in the John Wayne film 'Stage Coach'.

I'll have look (listen) to the DVD of the film, and let you know where it comes in.  But I won't be doing that yet, unfortunately, as we are in the process of moving house, and everything is lost\misplaced\accidentally thrown out\in the wrong box.

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Sung on a cattle drive
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