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 Wheat and Kyle

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PostSubject: Wheat and Kyle   Tue May 01, 2012 10:01 am

What do you imagine happened to good ol' Wheat and Kyle?

Stayed outlaws throughout their natural life?
Ended up in prison or jail?
Quietly led a straight life?
Ended up killed by a posse?
Another thought?


From Remuda

Actually, Wheat and Kyle kept outlawin' for a while, but with advancin' technology and better posses, pickin's became slimmer and slimmer, and they, too, soon tired of that life. And, after Heyes and Kid got their amnesty from the governor (took quite a while!), Wheat and Kyle decided to go the same route. Thankfully for them, they didn't have to wait nearly as long as their former colleagues did.

After their pardon, the two worked at odd jobs before findin' employment that suited them. Wheat found he liked workin' in a haberdashery, the fairly easy work agreein' with him; after all, ol' Wheat always fancied hisself a gentleman, after a fashion anyway. He eventually became assistant manger of the store. Kyle had a harder time findin' somethin' he liked, but eventually did, workin' full time at a local livery. He also put in some hours part time at a local newspaper, havin' found a latent talent in drawin' cartoons, especially embellishin' some drawn by others (addin' mustaches, etc.) to get certain viewpoints across. He also made a name for hisself by winnin' some tobaccy spittin' contests 'round thereabouts.

Wheat started datin' a school teacher of a certain age who thought him suave. She had a sister who was just this side of pretty but a little rough around the edges, who sometimes threw hay bales for fun. Kyle and she saw somethin' in each other, and they wed first. Wheat and the school teacher sister got hitched not too long after.

Wheat and his wife lived in town, and Kyle and wife settled on a small ranch. Wheat and wife remained childless, while Kyle and wife had five boys and a girl -- Weed, Kyle, Jr., Hannibal and Hank (the twins), Kid, and Twinkle (named for the glint in her daddy's eye). Kyle's kids grew up to love horses and chew tobaccy with the best of 'em -- even Twinkle -- 'cept for Kyle, Jr., who became a preacher (under the tutelage of his dad and uncle's former colleague, Preacher, who swore off killin' and took to full time preachin' hisself).

And they lived fairly happily ever after, their days of bein' famous outlaws behind 'em. 'Cept, of course, fer the every so often reunion of the DHG, but that's another story . . .


From Frisgogirl

Wheat got full of himself after Heyes quit the gang, and finally, it was bound to happen: he put together a scheme without really thinking it through (he never had Heyes' agile mind) and he was killed by a sheriff's deputy running to his horse after trying to rob a bank (he didn't have Curry to watch his back, either) The bank was on a time lock...something Wheat didn't figure out. There was no way it could open. His last robbery was a complete flop.

Kyle escaped out the back door. He was badly shaken by the death of Wheat; and now that Heyes and Curry were no longer his saddle companions, he faded out of sight. Worked for awhile on a ranch until that awful winter of 1890 when he was tossed off his horse and broke his neck.

Heyes and Curry sometimes thought of Kyle and wondered how he was doing, but they were too busy running their horse ranch to go out looking for him, and they never found out.


From sistergrace

Cute ideas, Remuda and Frisco!

Kyle Murtry would have eventually grown tired of the outlaw life and followed the example of his heros, Heyes and Kid, and gone straight. (Amnesty would not have been an option for him, because the governor probably wasn't aware of WHO Kyle Murtry was!) He would have taken some mundane job in some two bit nothin' kinda town and just sorta disappeared. He wouldn't have had enough creativity to even bother usin' an alias. Eventually, the rewards on him would have been dropped and the remainder of his life would have been pretty quiet and peaceable.

Wheat, now he was a little different. He liked to think he was the big time outlaw leader. He would have continued on in his outlaw lifestyle. Tryin' to prove he was bigger an' better'n Heyes and the Kid. I think he would have ended up dying a relatively old man (by outlaw standards) in Devil's Hole because no self-respectin' bounty hunter would have bothered to go out of their way to capture him.


From Frankie ASJ

Keen to avoid capture, they jumped ship and sailed to Britain, where they disembarked in the South West of the country. Here they discovered the delights of clotted cream. Kyle became adept at making scones and Wheat's jam was unsurpassed.

Unfortunately a dispute as to whether you put the jam or cream on the scone first erupted one day and a fight broke out between them. In the ensuing struggle both fell from a high cliff top into the sea and were never seen again.

To this day their ghostly apparitions can be seen and heard in the quaint Cornish town of Mousehole ( the closest thing to Devil's Hole the UK can offer!)

(Rumor has it that Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry followed in their footsteps and opened a tea room in the nearby county of Devon but this has never been fully confirmed, although to this day there are children with dark, straight hair and brown eyes and others with curly blond hair and bluey eyes still to be found! I have photographic proof to support this but the image gallery isn't working at the moment! )

"Do you ever get the feeling that nothing right is ever going to happen to us again?" - Kid Curry
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Cornelia May


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PostSubject: Re: Wheat and Kyle   Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:20 pm

I think Wheat would have stepped up the game from stealing money to stealing cattle and horses and eventually he would get caught and hanged. Kyle would have taken Heyes and the Kid's path of amnesty.

"The only thing in life you have to earn is love, everything else you can steal." ~Hannibal Heyes
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Wheat and Kyle
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