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 A Tight Spot

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PostSubject: A Tight Spot   Sat Apr 25, 2015 5:08 pm

Now Airing On Alias Smith and Jones Virtual Season 2015

Will this be the day they hang Kid Curry? Let’s hope Hannibal Heyes can come up with a plan to get his partner out of  A Tight Spot  by Maz McCoy

“You got any last words?” the sheriff asked hoisting up his pants by the waistband as he spat over the side of the scaffold into the dirt below.

“You haven’t listened to anything I’ve said so far,” Kid Curry reminded him as, hands tied behind his back, he tried to avoid a premature throttling.

“That all you wanna say?”

“I didn’t steal the horse.”

I read part of it all the way through. Samuel Goldwyn
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A Tight Spot
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