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 Favorite Genre

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PostSubject: Favorite Genre   Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:50 am

What's your favorite type of Heyes and Curry story?



From Eleanor:

Without a doubt my favourite genre is - Angst/Hurt/Comfort


From Kwiltn:
Definitely angst/hurt/comfort within the series time frame.


From Ghislaine:

My favorite genre to read is angst. I like reading stories that give an insight into how HH and KC think and deal with things. Next would probably be action and adventure, then hurt-comfort followed closely by some forms of humorous stories--not comedy or slapstick-like stories but those that are funny in general (to me, anyway!). My favorite settings are pre-amnesty and outlaw days--I like them both equally a lot. Childhood and teen years I also enjoy. My least favorite setting is post-amnesty and my least favorite genre is romance. However--there are a few romance stories I like a lot as well as some post-amnesty stories, too. Plus, there are individual stories in the other genres that I really like, and it's just because they are very well-written. I also enjoy reading stories that have some basis in historical fact or bring in some facet of history; I feel I am learning something when reading those stories.


From Storm:

Out of your choices I would go with angst as my favorite. I like hurt/comfort if its not over the top. I also like action/adventure -anything that shows off the boys abilities, and thinking is a favorite too. Of course depending on the writing, I'm up to read any and all stories.


From nm131:

I read everything! And as others have stated, What really matters is the quality of the writing as for every genre that is towards the bottom of my list of favorites I can name a story that I really like and have read multiple times. I prefer some degree of realism and if historical settings and facts can be woven in, so much the better.

To read, angst is probably at the top of the list since I like knowing what our "heros" are thinking and feelings as well as what they are doing. Action/Adventure followed closely by hurt/comfort(as long as it is not too far fetched) comes next. Humor, even in serious stories is appreciated and I do like straight out funny/clever stories. Romance is the genre I like least but there are quite of few exceptions to that rule (now that I think about it, Romance is best when it is just an element of the stories, which could be classified as another genre such as action/adventure - not a straight romance).

Same type of deal with the time frames (I'm not a black and white type person). I greatly prefer pre-amnesty, either series timeframe or outlaw days. Least liked is post amnesty (although I just spent months writing a post-amnesty story).


From Sister Grace:

This sounds like a very wishy-washy answer but it really is NOT! My answer to the favorite genre question is simply, YES! I love all the genres mentioned, ESPECIALLY if there is some historical link to a place, event, character, etc.

Angst? Hurt/Comfort? Yes, please.

Childhood? Outlaws? Yup.

Pre-Amnesty? Post-Amnesty? Sure thing.

Combination? OK with me.

Other? Yeah, might as well add Romance to the list as well.

The only ones I really don't enjoy as much as the crossover stories, since I usually have no clue WHO the other characters are.


From Mary:

I enjoy reading all genres.

My favourite type is one that combines humour with action/adventure and is similar in tone to the show; pre-amnesty or when both boys are with the Devil's Hole Gang.


From Frankie:

Don't think it's any secret I like angst, a bit of hurt and comfort - but not too sappy! What I really like is a bit of peril, the threat of danger, a smattering of emotional turmoil and them worrin' 'bout one another! Set it all in outlaw days or pre-amnesty and I'm a very happy reader!

Like lots of other stories too but you did ask for favourite!


From Beejay:

Originally posted by nm131

I read everything! And as others have stated, What really matters is the quality of the writing as for every genre that is towards the bottom of my list of favorites I can name a story that I really like and have read multiple times. I prefer some degree of realism and if historical settings and facts can be woven in, so much the better.


I wish I did read everything!(I hope to catch up!) However, nm131, I think you put into words exactly how I feel. There isn't a genre that doesn't have a story I enjoy. A lot of stories make me think, wow,this is how so and so sees the boys acting in this situation. I enjoy reading how others think they act and feel. Now everyone who worked on VS don't laugh at me for writing that, I am talking about general fanfic here. (VS is much more restrictive.)I actually love to wallow in a really really angsty hurt/comfort story. I can even think of childhood and holiday stories I love.

Ghislaine, I think you mean low-brow or broad humor as the type you don't care for. Slapstick is really hard to write as it is physical humor, although not all physical humor is slapstick. I can think of a certain scene in a story involving pig poo that is about as close to writing slapstick as I have ever read.

As for writing: well I adore broad, low-brow humor. Puns that make you groan, absurd situations, people acting peculiarly. But what I really enjoy most is having someone's story trigger an idea and playing with that. I think I'll go start a thread on that--don't want to run on about it on this thread.


From Penski:

I find it interesting, too, that most of the writers say what they prefer to READ and not write.

Having said that, I prefer to read angst with some hurt/comfort stories. Any timeframe will do though post-amnesty is probably my least favorite.

I find angst with some hurt/comfort difficult to write and admire those who make it look so simple. I enjoy writing pre-outlaw stories because so little has been written in that genre and there is so much unknown about that timeframe. The field is wide open, so to speak.


From Eleanor:

Originally posted by Penski

I find angst with some hurt/comfort difficult to write and admire those who make it look so simple.

I feel the same way about humorous stories, as I can't write humour and always appreciate reading work of writers who can.

I forgot to add in my earlier post that I'm not overly keen on post amnesty stories, or childhood ones, although I've read good ones in both genres, but generally I find ones set with them as adults, which fit broadly into a timeframe spanning their 'careers' as outlaws and their (unlimited)time waiting for the amnesty, more to my taste.


From Remuda:

Good question. I prefer to read and write angst and h/c, as well as good old general with (hopefully) some humor in it (given that "humor" is subjective and what I might chuckle about, someone else might not like), within and just without the series framework.

What I really enjoy is good black humor. I've tried unsuccessfully to write in that genre, but still keep trying. In the meantime, if anyone knows an ASJ story in that regard, I'd appreciate knowing where to find it.

I've plowed through a number of the virtual episodes posted here and am very impressed!


From Penski:

What do you mean by black humor, Remuda? Never heard that term and was wondering what you meant.


From Max:

Ooooh Remuda - you have my tongue hanging out... I would love some really dark humour stories.

(Penski, to me it means dark situations - which in real life would be tragedies - but are treated with a funniness so you cannot help laughing even though you feel a bit guilty AND where the protagonists are not particularly stacked with redeeming features.

A classic - though it is now a bit dated so we don't really see it as dark as it is without the victorian costumes - example would be Kind Hearts and Coronets where a multiple murderer polishes off a mixed bag of some good and some not so good victims (including one who was like a father to him, one who was a best friend), cavorts with his friend's wife on the eve of their wedding, treats the death of a couple of month old babies as a bonus...AND, we still can't help rooting for him and laughing as that hot-air balloon plummets to earth in Berkley Square.

More modern might be something like the 'Scream' movies - the deaths are horrible, but presented in a way aiming for a laugh AND recoil together.)


From Remuda:

Thanks, Max -- great definition!

Examples of my favorite dark humor stories are (in print) "The Loved One" by Evelyn Waugh and (movie) "The War of the Roses" with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.

"Do you ever get the feeling that nothing right is ever going to happen to us again?" - Kid Curry
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Genre   Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:32 am

I enjoy humor stories, but love hurt/comfort and action/adventure as well. Being someone who hasn't written humor often, I really admire those who can write humor well.
Angst, I like reading too; it's amazing the way some writers can pull you into the story so much, that you can almost feel what the character feels.

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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Genre   Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:28 pm

I like Angst/Hurt/Comfort,also humor and adventure. 🌈
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Genre   

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Favorite Genre
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