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PostSubject: Villian(s)   Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:13 am

Which villain do you hate the most in an episode and why?

Which villain do you hate the most in a fanfiction story and why?
(and don't forget to tell us what episode or story the villains are from)



Great questions, Penski!

The villains I despise most in the series are two women -- Janet and Mia Bronson. For me, Janet was really the brains of that outfit, and Mia Bronson was downright despicable, although she was able to be "found out" when Heyes took a gamble that she had disturbed the press.

I've not read more than half of the fan fic out there, but I'd say Brady and Bull are the two villains on which I'd hang the "most hated" tag. They're both just plain evil, with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

Will be interesting to see all the different responses.



In episodes???

Maybe Max (eeek) in 'Bounty Hunter'
... though perhaps something dreadful happened to him or his family in his formative years in the Civil War??

Maybe Binford in Diamonds?? Bludgeoning an old - and unarmed and older - work colleague, rather than face the music??? (I wouldn't despise him for describing known bank-robbers - that's just happens to hurt our boys. Villains aren't worse 'cos they hurt our boys.)

In fanfic???

Dunno. I love 'em all - without 'em the boys would just sit about getting plump, huh?
I guess what I like best is:

i) Villain (or narration) is so OTT it is clear it is supposed to be funny - or at any rate, 'I could keel you now, but that would be too seeemple, plot cog melodramatic'

OR (if serious story)

ii) "Villain" who reader is NOT allowed to hate

Having said that, maybe my fingers itch to do another real out and out villain sometime???

(My favourite villain when writing was Little Hannibal's thoroughly nasty (though so self-justifying) Step Uncle, Jefferson H Tanner. Have to say I enjoyed every moment the rat was on stage!!)



Oh dear, I'm going to sound really unoriginal. I absolutely hate Danny Bilsen. That's why I was so shocked when they made that actor into Hannibal Heyes. I couldn't watch the series after that. To me, Pete Duel WAS Hannibal Heyes.

Fanfiction: I think Sheriff Clitterhouse. He was really nasty


Frankie ASJ

Reply to Remuda -
I've not read more than half of the fan fic out there, but I'd say Brady and Bull are the two villains on which I'd hang the "most hated" tag. They're both just plain evil, with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

What story are those characters from Remuda? I've read most things but just can't place these boys.

I don't like Ms Curruthers from Miracle of Santa Marta - both of them! They nearly got Kid shot!



Frankie, Brady is from Maz's "Harry Briscoe's Gold" and Bull is from Coronado's "Partners" series.


Eleanor W

I'm going to agree with Friscogirl and say that Danny Bilson is the villain I hate the most in the series, because he didn't care one way or the other whether they all died at the mine, and would have killed Curry, and probably Heyes too, if he'd been a good enough shot. He had no redeeming features whatsoever.

As regards fanfiction, I haven't read enough to make any kind of judgement.



I don't know as I have a favorite villain -- but there are times when I really, really want to kick Wheat right in his rectal defilade.


Giddy Up

This is difficult... I have seen most of the episodes but not much enough to having a clear picture of the villians. But I would say that my most hated villians are:

Danny Bilson because he left them at the mine with nothing, hopeing they would die. He couldn't let go either, challeing Kid in the street like that.

Janet (from How to Rob a Bank...) because she used Heyes against his will (capturing Kid).

And someone nobody else has mentioned; the "gang leader" in The McCreedy Bust Going, Going, Gone because he humiliated Kid and really tested his [Kid] bounderies. I thought he was quite mean. They didn't want any harm, just killing time.

From fan fiction; I really can't say any because I haven't read enough fan fiction to make that decision.
... however, with the little I've read in mind, a good candidate (right word?) would be:

Lou Nelson, because in Penski's Siege he threated the Devil's Hole Gang, killed Adams and Fuller and shot both Heyes and Lobo. He then got suprised by Kid and fell down but somehow he surrivived and showed up in Penski's Dead Ringer challenge where he once again tried to claim the money on Kid's head. I wonder if he'll pop up again, somewhere? And is Heyes his next target?


Ghislaine Emrys

Most people wouldn't consider her a villain but for me, Betsy in A Fistful of Diamonds is the most despicable character (outside of Danny Bilson, but I wanted to choose someone else because others have already mentioned him).

I select Betsy because she knew that dear Augie had committed murder and she didn't do anything about it. She was perfectly happy to stick with him, even knowing he'd killed a man. All she was interested in was getting the money so she could dress in fashion and live the good life, and she didn't care how she got it. In that way, she was worse than Heyes and Curry because although they wanted to live the good life, too, and stole money to achieve that objective, they never killed anyone in pursuit of it. Betsy was an accomplice after the fact and had no scruples about it whatsoever. Also, she knew he was married and was more than content to be his mistress, although she had hopes and expectations of becoming something more. I think Betsy got exactly what she deserved in the end, which was nothing, and she should be darn glad she didn't end up in prison herself!

Another reason for choosing Betsy: I can't stand her voice! Although it fits the character extremely well.

In terms of fanfic villain, I have no idea! I think I've read most if not all of what's out there but I really couldn't narrow it down to any one character.

"Do you ever get the feeling that nothing right is ever going to happen to us again?" - Kid Curry
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PostSubject: Re: Villian(s)   Mon Apr 30, 2012 3:32 pm

The character I hate the most is Grace Turner. I just found her really annoying and hated how she tricked Kid and turned him in, even though she did help him escape later on. There's also something about the actress who played Grace that just irritates me.

In fanfiction I have to say the villains I hate the most are Maz's Brady, followed by Greaves and Sullivan in Lana's Means To And End stories. They are all so evil.

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PostSubject: villan   Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:35 am

First off I don't have a favorite Villain.
Someone who I enjoy as bad guy... like Magneto is the Villain to the X-Men or Lex Luther to Superman. I have ones I remember though and they played their villain role well.
In writing...sorry I can't recall story names.
Inside Outlaws - series with the rancher who blamed Heyes on stealing his Roman Coins.

I know there are more that bothered me as I read but because of Danny Bilson...see you say villain and I can't get past his name.
It must be a testament to Roger's acting skills because he created Danny so fully that I loathed him before the show was half over. The smarmy smile, the sneaky eyes....his overall bearing reminded me of my ex-step dad before he would turn on me a beat me. A smiling perfect man to the public and a viper inside. That was Danny Bilson...and what made me hate him most wasn't leaving all of them in the desert it was the cowardly and overtly, loudly friendly way he treated H & K when they found him. "Hey everyone I'm a good guy" attitude and I felt the same bitter bile in my throat that Heyes was swallowing down. It is rare I have found a character in any story that I so thoroughly dislike and feel my lip twist to a sneer at the mere mention of his name and an actual disgusted crunch of the face develops when I see his face. It is damn rare I get the simply do away with him feeling on character...the some men deserve to die feeling...but Good Old Smiling Danny brought it out in me. How ironic that his name is Bilson which reminds you of Bile

Wichita Red, "I'm not really a rebel, but I take chances. I have a good time, and I live life the way I want to live it."  
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PostSubject: Re: Villian(s)   Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:39 pm

Grace Turner annoyed me no end. I'm glad she got her comeuppance, but really, did Heyes and Curry both have to be in love with her?? I didn't see much about her to love, except maybe her cleavage. Maybe that's enough for two young men.

Sheriff Clitterhouse was a total scum bag. He's easy to dislike.

Probably Danny Bilson and Betsy were the worst, because they were both just fine with murdering people.

Joe Sims from "McCreedy Bust: Going Going Gone" is another one I really dislike. Not only was he comfortable killing people, he was incredibly arrogant. I think he and Danny Bilson came closest to the psychopath profile.

There's so much fanfic out there, I can't pick a villain. I've missed a lot of stories, incredibly, and the wonderful Pete Duel site, which held so many favorite stories, is gone, so I can't refer to that.

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PostSubject: Re: Villian(s)   Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:58 pm

On the series, I really can't stand Danny Bilson, either. Of course, being human, I can't forget what happened later in real life. I have a very hard time watching that episode.

I describe Sheriff Clitterhouse in one of my stories as "loathsome," which is how I feel about him. Heyes seems to agree with me.

Of course, the two serial killers are awful, as well. They both have some surface niceness that gets totally blown away when the boys discover the truth. I get pretty mad at anyone who shoots Heyes and gets the Kid in trouble.

And Downs, the guy with the bad comb-over in Stage Coach 7 is pretty nasty, even if he isn't exactly a villain. He would be delighted to turn in the boys dead. He gets his and our boys don't have to do it.
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PostSubject: Re: Villian(s)   

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