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 One of "those" ASJ "moments

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PostSubject: One of "those" ASJ "moments   Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:54 am

writing Just had to share this with y'all:

We all love these moments... yes

So last night Arte and I went to "Jersey Mike's" for dinner (it's a sub sandwich place, similar to Subway).

We opened the doors, walked inside and no sooner had we got to the place where you stand in line to order when over the sound system I hear Roger Davis' voice and I was like "ROGER????" Shocked and then I heard WHAT he was saying, "Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west..." Very Happy His voice continued with the opening to "Alias Smith and Jones." The whole entire intro scene from start to finish! sm

I cannot describe the surreal feeling of how I felt at that moment - I mean, how often do you hear your fav TV theme out in public????...not one other person in the place even heard it - I even had to point to the ceiling and and mouth "ASJ" to Arte...she hadn't noticed, either - what's wrong with people? sheesh!!!! scratch

Needless to say, besides being rooted to the spot (so I could stand under the speaker to confirm I was really hearing what I thought I was hearing) I was like, "Huh? What? How?" and yes, there was this stupid grin on my face, from ear to ear. Very Happy

Arte just rolled her eyes and shook her head Rolling Eyes as she explained to the person waiting patiently for me to tell her what kind of sandwich I wanted (and the not-so-patient people behind me waiting to order, lol) about why I wasn't moving or speaking...sigh...I mean, who could care about food at such a momentous time?????? No

Anyways, the radio station was K-Earth 101, which just so happened to be doing a "flashback" to 1971 and I have no idea why they choose "Alias Smith & Jones" to use for the show for that year (WAIT...I mean I KNOW why WE would choose it!!!) lol sm but I may just have to do some detective work and see what I can find out. Maybe someone at the station was a fan??? cool

writing "My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel -- it is, before all, to make you see..." ~~ Joseph Conrad ~~ study
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Ghislaine Emrys

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PostSubject: Re: One of "those" ASJ "moments   Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:57 pm

How wild! And wonderful! sunny The stars were shining that night, for sure!

This is one of my schemes... ~ Hannibal Heyes
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PostSubject: Re: One of "those" ASJ "moments   Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:34 pm

There are other peole out there who like ASJ besides us, honestly!!
That would have been weird though, walking in and hearing that instead of music. I would have loved to have seen Arte's face!!
A fellow Eddie Cantor fan(don't ask)named Jack visited from New York a couple of weeks ago. he want to go to Hillside Cemetery to pay his respects. A small group of us met there. So there we are where Al Jolson,Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, Michael Landon, and many others are, and it is a very impressive place. In the middle of talking about these great performers, one of the other gals there turns to me and says, 'I meant to tell you, Jack's a big fan of ASJ.' So we had a nice ASJ chat.
So there you go, and ASJ fan and not even female! He told me he enjoyed the humor of the show, and that to him it was a great TV series-well-written and produced.

I read part of it all the way through. Samuel Goldwyn
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PostSubject: Other Fans   Thu May 02, 2013 8:38 am

I have to say, it was my Dad who turned me on to ASJ. The western channel had come out and he was quite excited when he saw ASJ in the listings. He told me he used to watch it when he was a kid and was looking forward to seeing it again. He also hoped it was as good as he remembered. Because, he said the way he remembered, it was way better then gunsmoke, bonanza or rawhide -- well needless to say I had to agree with him. 100% but it is odd running into people who know what ASJ is and fans oh my to find another fan in everyday walk of life is odd. In face, one of the very first things I looked up in my first 10 minutes of owning a computer hooked to the internet was ASJ and I was THRILLED to find out I was not alone in this big old world. Alway knew there were Trekkies, GunSmoke, Battlestar, Dukes of Hazzard fans...but to find ASJers made my year.

Wichita Red, "I'm not really a rebel, but I take chances. I have a good time, and I live life the way I want to live it."  
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PostSubject: Re: One of "those" ASJ "moments   

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One of "those" ASJ "moments
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